About Us


Water Tech Inc is a Marketing division of H2O TO GO. Since 1981, H2O TO GO has been a leading water treatment company in Southern Nevada.  We offer some of the finest water softeners, water conditioners, water refiners, no saltwater systems, and reverse osmosis systems sold today.  We are not only a seller of systems; we design and manufacture most of the systems we sell.

Our systems are custom built with the most advanced technology the industry has to offer. Treating the Las Vegas water requires the experience of a company such as H2O TO GO. H2O TO GO specializes in building water purification equipment specific for the unique water problems residents face in Southern Nevada.

Systems Designed to Turn Hard Water Soft

Whether you want a basic water softener or the most advanced whole house water treatment system the industry has to offer, H2O TO GO has a system for you. We are here to serve the residents of Las Vegas and the Southern Nevada region and will do whatever it takes to earn your business. Honesty, integrity, quality equipment and exceptional service has enabled H2O TO GO to serve the community for many years.