Water Tastes Better

Las Vegas Water

Anyone who has tasted untreated Las Vegas tap water can tell that it has chlorine, fluoride and mineralRead More »


Enjoy Healthier Hair and Skin

Hard Water and Our Health

Las Vegas water carries the minerals and rocks that are in our lakes, reservoirs and pipes.Read More »


Clean and Healthy Drinking Water

Recommended Daily Water Intake
The recommended daily intake amount for water is to drink half youRead More »

Plumbing and Appliance Savings

Las Vegas Water Is Hard on Your Home
Las Vegas water is notoriously tough and filled with minerals.  Over time, it canRead More »

No More Hard Water Spots

You See the Effects of Las Vegas Water

Every time we clean we are fighting our own water supply. We see it accumulateRead More »


Whiter, Brighter, Longer Lasting Fabrics

Southern Nevada Water and Your Clothes

With the water being as hard as it is in Southern Nevada and especially in Las VeRead More »


Better Than Buying Water

Bottled Water Is Often Tap Water At a Higher Cost

If you believe all of the advertisements, bottled water is the purestRead More »


Detergent and Cleaning Product Savings

Hard Water in Your Home

The effects of hard water can be found throughout the entire home. The evidence is everywhere.Read More »