Better Than Buying Water

Bottled Water Is Often Tap Water At a Higher Cost

If you believe all of the advertisements, bottled water is the purest water from a mountain stream or water from some remote, untouched corner of the world.  While some bottled water does come from springs, much of it comes from our municipal water supplies.  It is often bottled tap water that is filtered and treated.  And some companies included added elements that they hope will improve taste.

Not quite the natural source of pure water that we see in the ads, right?

Plastic Bottles are Bad For the Environment and Us

Many things about plastic bottles are scary.  First, plastic is usually made from fossil fuels.  They take a lot of energy to create and then remain in the environment for a very, very, very long time.  We see them as trash on the streets and in landfills.  Our oceans are filling up with them.

There are many different reports about how the plastic gets into our soil, water and our bodies.  We read about the chemicals in these bottles that can have long term health risks.  While some reports say that certain types of plastic are worse than others, many other reports say that there are no good kinds of plastic.  This is a lot of worry for a product that is often just bottled tap water!

Plastic Bottles Are Expensive

There are different studies on how expensive bottled water can be, but they say it is up to 10,000 times as expensive as tap water!  It makes sense that it is a much more expensive way to get the water we need.  Manufacturers have to create bottles and labels, fill the bottles and then ship water around the country and world.

Stop Using Bottled Water!

Even if you don’t believe all of the bad claims about plastic water bottles, the number and variety of them is staggering.  There is overwhelming and consistently growing evidence that plastic water bottles are just the wrong way to go.

Drink Your Own Purified Water

With a whole house water system from H2O TO GO, you can enjoy clean and healthy water from your own home.  Don’t spend outrageous amounts of money on water from an imaginary mountain spring.  Get real, purified water that will keep you healthy without breaking your budget.  Contact us today.