Enjoy Healthier Hair and Skin

Hard Water and Our Health

Las Vegas water carries the minerals and rocks that are in our lakes, reservoirs and pipes. We call it Hard Water because of all of these contaminants.  Hard Water is especially hard on our bodies!

Hard Water accumulates on our hair and can make it feel rough and tangled. Many contaminants such as chlorine and hard minerals damage your hair and skin.  Soap reacts with the minerals in Hard Water to form salts.  This makes it harder for us to get all of the shampoo out of our hair.  All of this dries out our hair and scalps.

Hard Water conflicts with soap, causing a residue to accumulate on our skin.  The calcium or magnesium in Hard Water dries out our skin.  For some people, this water contributes to skin irritations, eczema, acne or even allergic reactions.

If you know someone who is suffering from one of these issues, the culprit could be their water!

Fixing Las Vegas Water

The solution to our Valley’s Hard Water is to cleanse it of minerals and chemicals.  Systems from H2O TO GO will make sure that the water that you and your family uses is clear of these harsh contaminants.  The first step is an in-home consultation to review your concerns and test your water – all for free!

Smooth Skin and Shiny Hair

With an H2O TO GO water treatment system, your hair will be silky and shiny. Your skin will be smooth and soft.  Many people look more rejuvenated and just younger from improving the water used to bathe.