No More Hard Water Spots

You See the Effects of Las Vegas Water

Every time we clean we are fighting our own water supply.  We see it accumulate on shower doors as a film we have to clean.  The same water causes accumulation on our windows.  Minerals from the water build up in our pools.

All of these things require additional work to correct.  Often, we resort to expensive services to enjoy the same level of ‘clean’ that people in other communities enjoy without the same cost and effort.

Have Spot Free Glasses and Dishes

Hard water can leave unsightly stains that are difficult and time consuming to clean. Contact H2O TO GO for a system that will help you keep your home clean.  How does that work?  By treating the water that comes in to the house, we can stop your water from making life harder.  This is truly attacking a problem at it’s source! With an H2O TO GO water treatment system, your dishes, shower doors and fixtures will be spot free!

Free In-Home Consultation

Contact H2O TO GO to schedule a free, in-home consultation.  We can review the issues you are having and test your water…all for free.   Then, we can give you affordable options that will help you enjoy healthy, clean water.