Seven Stage Refiner (S.S.R.) ™

This 7-stage refining system has been custom-designed and manufactured for Southern Nevada’s water conditions. It offers two tanks so that you get the most highly activated carbon on the market, and high quality media that targets the range of specific contaminants and organisms found in Las Vegas’ water. If you are looking for the ultimate in water treatment systems, then look no further than the S.S.R.

Custom DB

This whole-home water treatment system, manufactured exclusively for Southern Nevada’s water, features high-quality resin filters that eliminate and target the hardness, chlorine and many of the contaminants that make Las Vegas water the 3rd worst in the country.

Custom 4000 DB

The light-commercial Custom 4000 DB 3-stage refiner is not only designed to eliminate hard water, but also targets chlorine, nitrates, sulfates and other contaminants in the water in and around the Las Vegas Valley. It is well-suited for larger families and homes with a higher demand. It provides conditioned water 24 hours a day, and regenerates with conditioned water.