Water Tastes Better

Las Vegas Water

Anyone who has tasted untreated Las Vegas tap water can tell that it has chlorine, fluoride and minerals from the harsh desert ground. Water that has not been filtered can have unwanted impurities, bad tastes and odors. For years, we have been fed water with chemical additives.

Enjoy Clean, Great Tasting Water

There is a myth that water from a home system does not taste as good.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Over years, we have probably gotten used to drinking water that is tainted with chemicals like chlorine that alter the taste.  So yes, there is a moment when you will notice that water from your new system has a different flavor than the tap or bottles you drank from before.  But that is a good thing!  Your body will thank you for the healthy, pure water and you will appreciate that you are tasting water without the contaminants and chemicals of tap water.

Las Vegas Water Systems from H2O TO GO

With an H2O TO GO drinking water system, you can have pure drinking water and crystal clear ice cubes. Food and beverages will also taste better. H2O TO GO’s many clients will tell you that their water tastes great. Interested in knowing more?  Ask the professionals at H2O TO GO for a free consultation and water test.